Bellegarde Blu AG

Single Family Asset
Management Office


Bellegarde Blu AG is a Swiss single family office holding conglomerate, whose capital controls subsidiaries and provides an investment vehicle in numerous private and public businesses, amassing a global portfolio of ownerships across a diverse range of industries including:

Advanced technologies, cyber-security, e-commerce, telecommunications, consumer durable & non-durable, energy generation & services, fashion, finance, banking, insurance, settlement payment systems, food & beverage, agriculture, water resource, healthcare, biopharmaceutical, medical services, industrial manufacturing & robotics, chemicals, media & entertainment (film, television production, distribution, gaming), metals & mining, military & defence, real estate, construction, infrastructure, urban development, space technology, transportation (automobile, aviation, marine, railroad)


Joseph L. Rey is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bellegarde Blu AG. Mr. Rey founded Private Asset Management Office & Corporate Advisory (PAM) in 2009 and converted his investment operations to the Bellegarde Blu AG asset management family office in 2018.

In brief, his career centered in acquiring and restructuring large multinational companies for Citigroup, General Electric, Deutsche Post Group/Danzas and Alcoa Europe & Russia. In 2004, he was appointed Finance, Technology, Procurement, Transportation & Energy Director Alcoa-Russia, after leading a team in the acquisition of the largest global aluminium manufacturing plants (located in Samara & Belaya Kalitva with country administration offices in Moscow).

Mr. Rey first joined Alcoa in 2003, in Geneva, as Finance and IT Director for Primary Metals Europe. Prior to Alcoa, he led the architecture and restructuring of Deutsche Post Group/Danzas’ logistics company globally. He has also held numerous positions at GE Capital and Citigroup. During his 5 years at General Electric, he held senior positions in international finance and led multiple acquisitions and integrations throughout Europe. His 10 year tenure at Citigroup included Controllership, Financial Planning & Analysis, Treasury and restructuring of large financial and commercial real estate entities and divisions across North America and Germany.

He obtained an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor degree in Finance from the University of Miami. He is fluent in English, Spanish and German with basic French and Russian. Mr. Rey is a Swiss national.